Glitter House 14 oz. candle

Glitter House 14 oz. candle

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Black Jar with gold lid 

14 oz Net.Wt Soy Blend Candles hand poured in luxurious matte black vessels for that sleek & clean look.

Candle Info: Fragrance oil free of sulfates, and phthalates, cotton wick- lead-free and zinc-free. Hand poured in Farmersville, TX

Handmade with Love & Laughter!

Before You Burn:

~Remove dust cover
~Avoid placing your candle near drafts or vents to prevent uneven burning.
~Burn your candle for 2-3 hours each time you light it.
~Always trim your wick before burning.

Reuse your vessel for a luxe look on your counter or vanity after the candle has finished burning. How? Remove the wax easily by freezing your jar overnight to shrink the remaining wax. After 12 hours, remove your jar from the freezer and flip it upside down. The wax should pop right out. If not, use a spoon to separate the wax from the jar, lift and remove it easily! Then you may use an alcohol wipe or cleaner of choice to remove any leftover residue. 

The Smells:

Fancy AF: smells like rich creme brûlée 

Zen AF: smells like bamboo, coconut & tranquility

Boujee Beach: smells like sea salt, orchid & expensive taste

Light When The Dog Farts: Blueberries & Pumpkins

Hello Gorgeous: Playful cotton candy, caramel, orange, bergamot & empowerment

Warm Hugs: Cider, plum, clove, ginger, cinnamon, & sugared vanilla

My Last Fuck, Oh Look... It's On Fire: Freshly fallen leaves, apples, orange, clove, & golden nectar

Shit Show: Sugar cookies & buttercream frosting

Toasted AF: Mulled Cider

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